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BRO User Guide


Brief Risk Overview (BRO) for men

The BRO is an interview that screens men for psychosocial risk factors that may affect their health, their relationships, and their ability to prepare for or fully engage in fatherhood. The BRO was developed by the Minneapolis Health Department, based on a similar interview developed to screen pregnant women (the Prenatal Risk Overview or PRO). The BRO is available at no cost to registered users. A user guide and Spanish translation are available.

We recommend that screening take place within a context that offers opportunities to respond to identified risk factors or needs. The BRO addresses 16 risk domains: telephone access, transportation access, food insecurity, and housing instability; lack of social support, unsafe sex, partner violence perpetration, and partner violence victimization; anger management; alcohol use, drug use, and cigarette smoking; depression, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety; and legal problems or involvement with child protection services.

The BRO categorizes the risk level for each domain as low, moderate, or high. Moderate risk is typically addressed through information, brief counseling, or referral to community resources. High risk typically requires a more specialized intervention, such as a mental health or substance asessment or more intensive individual counseling.

The BRO begins with questions about education level, current employment, marital/partner status, whether a man has children (including infants/toddlers), and whether his spouse/partner is pregnant. These questions are optional, but responses may assist with appropriate referrals, such as special programs or services designed for expectant and new fathers.

The interview concludes with a question about whether a man wants help with any of the following: enrolling in or completing school; finding a job or improving job skills; finding a place to live, health care, or dental care; dealing with anger or stress; taking care of an infant or toddler; developing healthy relationships, or connecting with a faith or cultural community.


The BRO website will not contain information that can be used to identify an individual who was interviewed. The website assigns a unique identification number to each interview. The risk profile report includes this ID number, but not the name of the registrant agency or demographic descriptors of the individual interviewed.


Development of the Brief Risk Overview and this website were supported in part by Twin Cities Healthy Start administered by the Minneapolis Health Department, project number H49MC00073 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau (Title V, Social Security Act). Federal government funding for Twin Cities Healthy Start does not constitute endorsement by the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) or the Health Resources Services Administration of the BRO screening interview or this website.